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  • Stabilization of As Cr Cu Pb and Zn in soil using

    Cu and Zn (Hartley et al 2004) Warren et al 2003 Warren and Alloway 2003 observed increased plant uptake of other contaminants including Cu Zn and Pb in soil amended with Fe(II) sulfate and lime The authors explained that there was an insufficient amount of lime added and suggested a ratio of lime/Fe oxide necessary for maintaining

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  • Pb Cu Zn Cd

    Pb Cu Zn Cd % I % ' = Z V % V Uptake of Pb Cu Zn and Cd from safflower grown in industrially polluted soils There has been carried out a comparative research which to allow us to determine the quantities and the centers of accumulation of Pb Cd Zn and Cd in the vegetative and reproductive organs of safflower The depots for

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  • Transition Metals Cr Co Ni Cu Zn Cd Hg and Pb

    fraction Zn and Pb concentrations are lower than in bulk soil The soil root interface fraction has a higher Cd concentration than bulk soil but the concentrations of Cu and Zn in the soil root interface fraction are similar to the concentrations in the bulk soil and rhizosphere fractions Zinc and cadmium

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  • Estimation of heavy metals (Cu Zn Pb) input into

    a b a The input of Cu Pb and Zn in kg per year into Punat Bay from four sources b Comparison of the total input of Cu Pb and Zn in kg per year into Punat Bay with the masses of elements found

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  • Immobilization of Zn Cu and Pb in contaminated soils

    bilization of other metals (eg Cu Zn and Cd) A single amendment may not be suitable for multiple metals and the treat ment effectiveness depends on assessment methods For example addition of P to a soil contaminated with Pb Zn and Cd reduced the bioavailable Pb but increased plant Cd concentrations [19

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  • Theavy Metal Concentration (Pb Cu Fe Zn Ni) in Plant

    From the study it is indicated that Fe has the highest overall concentration followed by zinc (Zn) lead (Pb) copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni) The sequence of metal accumulation in decreasing order was Fe Zn Pb Cu Ni with soil stalk and stem of plant showing a higher tendency of metal accumulation as compared to the maize silk and grain

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  • Sources of Cu V Cd Cr Mn Zn Co Ni Pb Ca and Fe in

    pollution for Fe Mn Zn Cu and Ni and moderate pollution for Ca These indices are not consistent in These indices are not consistent in assessment of other elements such as V Cd Cr Co and Pb that could be due to use of different media in

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